Dealers: Implement a Mobile App Now

Start investing in mobile apps today. Dealers tend to be hesitant when incorporating mobile into the dealership and that strategy just won't work in today's market.

Mobile can be compared to social media platforms such a Facebook. To a dealer Facebook's true value is when enough people "like" their dealership's Facebook page which then allows the dealer one on one access to communicate. A dealer's Facebook page is a communication channel with the customer, which is very similar to mobile apps.

Implementing a mobile app into your dealership's mobile strategy is effective and provides a tremendous user base to communicate with. Therefore, it is vital that you get a mobile app out into the market today. Bring that mobile experience to your customers and start promoting and marketing.

AutoMotionTV has launched mobile apps for dealerships nationwide with positive results. University VW achieved 1500 downloads three weeks after launching their dealer app. In the first two months Weber Chevrolet obtained 1200 users for their dealership mobile app. Learn more about mobile marketing and dealer apps at


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